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The Process begins with the delivery of a piercing tube which is able to reach down to all parts of the dry well or Drainfield in the septic system. Once the piercing tube has been pushed into the drainage area the air is forced through the tube into the drywell or Drainfield.

This has the effect of tumbling the media inside the drainage area. As a result of this action the scum or Bio-mat that has accumulated within the aggregate or whatever media used for filtering the effluent from the septic system is liquefied and then rises to the top of the drywell or Drainfield. After this aspect of the process has been finished the scum is vacuumed out through the distribution box or drywell. This process is repeated as needed depending on the condition of the system and its size. Liquids are removed from the piercing tube and also Bacteria may inserted from the piercing tube directly in the Drainfield as well.

What are the Advantages of this Process?

This process is cost effective. Now dry well or Drainfield can be completely restored to optimum condition. This will save the customer thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on a contractor to replace the septic system.

In addition:

Drainfield and Drywell REJUVENATOR
  • NO Unnecessary digging, only the tank and distribution box lids need exposure.
  • There is a considerable advantage in saving time.
  • This process can be performed in a matter of hours instead of days.
  • This process is environmentally friendly. There are no harmful chemicals used.
  • There are NO powerful blasts that would alter the Drainfield or create cracks and fissures in the side ways that allow untreated sewage water to escape into the ground water table, causing harmful pollution!
Cost Effective Drainfield Rejuvenator
This method, Procedure and Apparatus are Patent protected by 3 Patents. We are interested in making available this new process and the Rejuvenator to the Environmental, Service, & Maintenance Industry.

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